Welcome To My Website!

Cottle Lake Tanager

Hi there,

This page was originally just a template that I had purchased from the Internet and at that point it had a lot of generic content that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. I had planned at first to make it like a place that friends and family could tune into to see new developments and interesting changes in Colleen’s, Greg’s, and my life. Like a family blog so to speak.

More and more however, I have been running into people in the field and they have been asking me “Do you have a web page where I can view your photos” ? I decided in the end that there should be a default place that people could tune into in order to see my work.

I like to think that my photos have improved over time along with my equipment and change them on a regular basis. Photography is a never ending learning experience with many avenues to explore and many interesting techniques to master. Although you will find pictures of aircraft, hikes and trips around B.C., and even some exotic ones like my trip to South Korea, my main focus for the past few years has been on birds.

Many people fail to recognize the true beauty in life that lies just below the surface and are often moving too quickly to notice. It is my intension through my wildlife and bird photography to give people an insight of what I see on some of my photo outings and to hopefully enrich their lives like this discovery has enriched mine.

My Equipment

Like Chevrolet and Ford in the world of automobiles, in the camera world the most well known competitors are Nikon and Canon. I must admit that I am a Canon man through and through. This does not mean that Nikon does not make a fine product but I started many years ago with a Canon AE-1 which was a film SLR. Back then of course digital photography was all science fiction. As a boy I would use messy chemicals and colored lights to make contact prints in my basement. Because of good experiences in the past I have stuck with Canon and today have much of the latest Canon digital equipment.

My most recent acquisition has been a Canon EOS-1D Mark4 camera body which is often attached to my 600mm IS 2 fixed focal length lens. Sometimes when the light allows it, I also use the combination of the 600mm and a series III 1.4X extender for an effective magnification of 840mm. The EOS-1D Mark4 proves to be a great asset with lower noise than a low-end SLR camera and 10 frames per second capture rate. The combination of lens and camera body is ideal with larger birds such as eagles and owls when you just can’t seem to get close enough. The “big glass” as a lens like the 600mm is often referred to is probably the main reason why people will often stop and talk and ask about my photos.

How The Gallery Works

I decided recently to modify my site to be more in keeping with many content management or “CMS” style sites available on the web today. Some of my older creations were your standard HTML and each page had to be “hard coded” and waited in the server to be accessed. With new technology such as WordPress we are able to create sites that can be edited on the fly without even having the need to know any code. Through the magic of PHP and MySQL the page is created dynamically for the viewer when a link or button is clicked. This also makes administration less daunting as the administrator can log in from anywhere in the world and edit existing pages, create pages, posts, and upload media at any time.

A lot of the photos that you see on my site do not actually exist here. They are pulled in on demand through an API (Application Program Interface) that works with my Flickr page. That way they are dynamically updated each time I upload more to Flickr. This is the best way to allow more people access to the images without having to duplicate them and it works pretty slick!

As of April 2017 I have started employing a new plug-in for WordPress called “Justified WordPress Gallery”. This allows me to create the same look and feel as you would see on the Flickr site with the postcard-like pattern of photos neatly justified for each album.

The image carousel is still available but not used as a main means for navigation anymore. It was fun for a while but proved to be a bit impractical for viewing so much information. You can still find a link to it on the top left of each album page.

For a more comprehensive list of my images be sure to check out my flickr.com page.